Program Committee 2023

The chairs of the Local Arrangements Committee and Program Committee are appointed by the President to plan and manage all components of the annual conference. The chairs report to the President and serve as ex-officio members of the Executive Board (non-voting members). The President-Elect identifies these chairs at the time of their election so that they may serve on the current committees, shadowing the current chairs, prior to formal appointment by the Executive Board. Each chair shall select its committee members from the general membership and develop a budget for their committee and provide updates to the Executive Board and/or to the Treasurer, as requested.

2023 Program Committee

Michael Davenport
Associate Registrar, Registration, Residency,
and Transcripts
University of Arizona

Michael Haydon
Assistant Registrar
Ventura College

Erin Riesgo
Alternative Credentials Coordinator
University of Arizona


Christine Lee
Associate Registrar, Admissions
Thomson Rivers University


Sean Pattison
Associate Registrar, Records & Registration
University of California, Los Angeles

Jaclyn Pryor
Assistant Registrar, Room & Course Scheduling
University of Arizona

2022 Program Commitee

2021 Program Committee

2020 Online Conference

Because of the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, and PACRAO's Online 2020 Conference, The Local Arrangements Committee and the Program Committee were combined to form the PACRAO Planning Dream Team!

2019 Program Committee