Leadership Development Institute

PACRAO is proud of our new professional development opportunity for up and coming PACRAO members, the Leadership Development Institute (LDI). The LDI was started with the expressed intent to provide a development opportunity for emerging leaders in the professional arenas that PACRAO serves. In addition to a mission to serve our members cutting edge professional development and networking opportunities, PACRAO also exists to further the cause of higher education and student success within the PACRAO region, across the United States, and globally. As registrars and admissions officers, we are both the gatekeepers and the pathfinders for our students. America's population, and by extension the population of American colleges and universities, is rapidly diversifying. Within a generation, a majority of Americans will come from populations that are currently underrepresented in higher education. PACRAO can play a key role in shaping every level of membership through thought leadership, professional development opportunities, and the creation of intentional streams of development that actively encourage a broader spectrum of professionals to engage and grow in the profession.

What is the LDI?

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Please contact Julia Pomerenk (jpom@uoregon.edu) or Arturo.torres@unlv.edu for more information about the LDI