PACRAO Planning Dream Team 2020

Online Conference 2020

Because of the unusual circumstances of the pandemic, and PACRAO's Online 2020 Conference, the Local Arrangements Committee and the Program Committee have been combined to form the PACRAO Planning Dream Team!

The combined committee is charged with creating the program for the conference, managing the technology through which we will deliver the conference to our members, and providing some of the online fun that we hope to have.

The PACRAO Planning Dream Team

photo of Krystal Cortez Bates
Krystal Cortez Bates, Co-Chair. Gonzaga University (
photo of Steve Downing
Steve Downing, Co-Chair. Bellevue College (
photo of Nicolle DuPont
Nicolle DuPont, Co-Chair. Portland State University (
photo of Connie Black
Connie Black.  College of Western Idaho (
photo of Karen Khuu
Karen Khuu. University of Washington (
photo of James Miller  
James Miller. University of Washington, Bothell (
photo of Chelsea Peoples
Chelsea Peoples. University of Nevada, Las Vegas (
photo of Kathy Rank
Kathy Rank. Arizona State University (
photo of Jason Trosine
Jason Trosine. Washington State University (
photo of Alex Underwood
Alex Underwood. University of Arizona (