Diversity Development Committee

The Diversity Development Committee is charged with keeping the Association engaged with issues and activities relevant to equity, diversity and inclusion. It meets during the annual conference and is open to any interested member of the Association willing to commit time and energy to achieving committee goals during the year. 

The Diversity Development Committee mission is to promote and develop diversity and inclusiveness within the PACRAO community.


Diversity Development Committee Members, 2023-2024

Laura Schonberger
Vice President of Diversity Development
University of Phoenix

Devin Andrews
University of Phoenix

Les Apouchtine
Vancouver Community College

Helena Babiski
Coconino Community College

Kristin Benson
Oregon State University

Erin Collins
Pomona College


Amanda Mu
DigiPen Institue of Technology

Sarah Pishny-Foster
Stanford University

Sarah Reed
University of California, Berkley

Jarrell Townsend
Oregon State University