Diversity Development Committee

The Diversity Development Committee is charged with keeping the Association engaged with issues and activities relevant to equity, diversity and inclusion. It meets during the annual conference and is open to any interested member of the Association willing to commit time and energy to achieving committee goals during the year. 

The Diversity Development Committee mission is to promote and develop diversity and inclusiveness within the PACRAO community.


Diversity Development Committee Members, 2022

photo of Audra McQuarie Audra McQuarie, Vice President of Diversity Development

Audra McQuarie is the Registrar at University of Phoenix and has assumed this role since 2008. With over 19 years of experience with University of Phoenix, she has had the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles at both the local campuses and central university administrative offices. As Vice President, Registrar at University of Phoenix she has made her focus on process efficiencies that enhance the student experience, and these efforts have resulted in the University being recognized with two process excellence awards by the Southwest Alliance for Excellence for the Registrar’s Office degree conferral and quality control processes. Audra is actively involved in the higher education community speaking at conferences and serving on various committees for the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars, Admissions Officers and American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and National Student Clearinghouse.  She also serves on the PACRAO Board as the Vice President of Diversity Development and is a member and mentor of the Phoenix Women Rising Employee Resource Group which creates awareness to women's issues and encourages empowerment and growth. Audra holds a Bachelor of Science in Family Studies from The University of Arizona and a Master of Educational Counseling in Human Relations from Northern Arizona University.

photo of Les Apouchtine Les Apouchtine

Les Apouchtine works as Associate Registrar, Records & Systems, at Vancouver Community College (VCC) in Canada. In the last ten years, Les has held several different positions in the Registrar's Office at Langara College and now VCC.  In addition to overseeing staff in student records, scheduling and transfer credit, at any given time he is busy working on several differerent projects like testing software upgrades, cleaning up data, or planning Convocation.  Les is also a member of the Local Arrangements Committee with PACRAO, and is taking part in PACRAO's Leadership Development Institute.  He recently started a Masters in Arts in Higher Education Administration and Leadership program.

Laura Schonberger

Laura Schonberger works as a Project Specialist, working in the Office of Admission & Evaluation, as well as the Registrar's Office, at University of Phoenix.  Laura has worked in various roles within the University over the past 14 years (ranging from Student Services to Re-Entry to her current position).  As a Project Specialist, Laura assists with employee engagement, various technical and communicated based projects, professional development and recognition programs. 

Laura is the Lead of Phoenix Women Rising (PWR), which focuses on bringing awareness to women's issues, creating a network of support and development, and empowering women to break through the glass ceiling.  Laura received a BA in English from Northern Arizona University, a BS in Human Services Management from University of Phoenix and a Masters of Education in Curriculum Instruction and Development from University of Phoenix.  

Photo of Kitty Cable  Kitty Cable

Katherine Cable spends her working hours as the Registrations Systems Analyst at Southern Oregon University, which means she's equal parts archivist and doer of things that defy categorization. She comes to higher education from what could easily be called a variety of career choices in her past, including Emergency Medicine, Search and Rescue, a term in the Marines as a linguist, and a number of other odds and ends. She received her bachelor's degree in Emerging Media and Digital Art from Southern Oregon University.

Katherine serves on SOU's Diversity and Inclusion Oversight Committee, Veteran's and Military Connected Student Task Force, Bias Response Team and Equity Grievance Panels. Throughout her three years in Higher Education, she's given talks at OrACRAO and PACRAO on the topic of transgender staff, self-care, and Clearinghouse Enrollment Reporting.

She spends her off hours as an independent filmmaker, transgender activist and community volunteer, helping students with matters surrounding gender transition and LGBTQ+ support.


Photo of Devin Andrews Devin Andrews

Devin Andrews is the Vice President of Admissions and Evaluation at the University of Phoenix, a position she has held since 2015. With a passion for helping adult learners achieve their educational goals, she first entered the University in 1999 as an Academic Counselor and has since held several administrative and executive positions.  She is also the founding lead and current executive sponsor for the University's Phoenix Women Rising employee resource group.  Devin also engages in the broader higher education community through presentations, articles, and participation in committees for the Pacific Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from University of Arizona and a Master of Arts in Education from University of Phoenix. 

Photo of Kristin Benson Kristin Benson

Kristin has worked in higher education for 20 years and in registrars' offices for over 15 years.  She currently serves as the associate registrar - compliance at Oregon State University, overseeing completion, veterans and athletic compliance, projects and communications, and the office's technology team.  She's committed to bringing equity, inclusion and anti-racist concepts into registrars' offices by focusing on policy review, embedding equity analysis in project management and finding ways to remove barriers for students, staff and faculty.  When she is not working, she's probably powerlifting - she holds two state records in the state of Oregon - or watching way, way too much TV.

 Helena Babiski

Helena Babiski is the Assistant Registrar for Transfer & Articulation at Coconino Community College in Flagstaff, Arizona. She has been in higher education for over 11 years, previously working with the statewide organization AZTransfer. She now uses that experience serving as the statewide representative for CCC as the transfer and articulation facilitator coordinating her work as a member of the Gen Ed and Curriculum Committees to ensure transferability of courses for students.  After completing the second cohort of the Leadership Development Institute, Helena felt compelled to find opportunities to continue her PACRAO participation and contribute. She has since served on the N&E committee and is excited to be a member of the Diversity Development Committee.

 Erin Michelle Collins

Erin Michelle Collins has worked in higher education for 16 years, and is currently the Registrar at CalArts. She directs the administration of the Office of the Registrar and all of its related functions, including maintenance of academic records, development of the course catalog and class schedules, grading, degree conferral, and the development and maintenance of the Colleague student module and other auxiliary programs. Erin’s educational background is in Applied Psychology. Whenever possible she incorporates her educational knowledge and background with her profession. She is a member of CalArts’ Equity and Diversity Committee, and presented at the 105th AACRAO Annual Meeting, “Understanding Culture: Creating Successful Intercultural Relations”. She has collaborated with CalArts' Institute Diversity Officer, Office of Student Affairs, and International Students and Programs to create training programs and presented to Campus Safety, Student Identity Groups, Orientation Leaders, and Incoming International students on culture, diversity, acculturation, and intercultural relations. She now offers her unique skill set, knowledge, passion, and drive to further the mission of the PACRAO Diversity Development Committee.

 Amanda Mu

Amanda Mu is an Assistant Director of Events & Programs in the Office of Outreach at DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA. In this role, Amanda works with DigiPen’s Outreach team to create admissions outreach experiences and opportunities that help connect prospective students with the DigiPen community. She is passionate about supporting prospective students as they learn about, explore, and navigate their interests and goals. In addition to her admissions outreach role, Amanda currently serves on the Steering Committee of DigiPen’s Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee and enjoys volunteering with mentoring and leadership programs for undergraduate students. Amanda received her BA in English Language & Literature from the University of Washington, and her M.Ed in Student Development Administration from Seattle University. She is grateful for the opportunity to serve and to learn with the PACRAO Diversity Committee.

 Kylie Borges

Hi there! I’m Kylie (she/her) and I’m the Associate Registrar for Degree Progress and Audit at Stanford University.  I’ve been working in higher education administration for 11 years and got into this line of work because I wanted to find ways to help improve student experiences as they navigate their journey towards a degree. I am passionate about social justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, and striving to be the best advocate and ally I can be. Many of the things I see as opportunities to improve DEI and justice can be tied back to some form of a policy, and so I am constantly looking for the historical context and to better understand the “why” of a policy so I can be a better thought partner in finding ways to improve it. I recently started an MPP program online through Oregon State University so that I can build my skillset around my love of social policy, and I hope to continue exploring equitable policymaking.  I’ve been a member of PACRAO since 2016, and in addition to presenting almost every year since then, I was part of the original LDI cohort (shout out to my fellow LDI guinea pigs! ) and I have served on the Nominations and Elections committee (as both a member, then the Vice Chair) and the conference planning committee (as a member for 2021’s conference, and the Chair for our upcoming 2022 conference in San Diego). PACRAO has been one of the most welcoming organizations I’ve ever been a part of, and I hope to continue supporting the organization (and all of you!).   On my free time, I like hanging out with my boxer dog (Clyde), watching lots of TV/movies (my nickname is “Ky-MDB”), playing video games (Borderlands or Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, anyone?), reading (mostly nonfiction, but I love a good psychological thriller as well—send me your recommendations!), and sewing.