Meet the LDI Faculty

Julia Pomerenk, LDI faculty Dean,
I am proud and pleased to serve as the Dean of Faculty for the PACRAO Leadership Development Institute. 
University Registrar and Assistant Vice President for Student Services and Enrollment Management at the University of Oregon.
Julia is a PACRAO Past President and AACRAO Awards Committee Vice Chair

Faculty for the PACRAO LDI
It is my honor to introduce the three esteemed colleagues who will serve with me as the PACRAO LDI faculty.

Marc Booker
Associate Provost, Strategic Initiatives and Implementation
University of Phoenix
PACRAO Past President
Nora McLaughlin
Reed College (Portland, Oregon)
PACRAO Past President and AACRAO Past President

Stephen Shirreffs
Associate Registrar
Stanford University
PACRAO Presenter and PACRAO Review Author

Marc Booker is the Associate Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Implementation at University of Phoenix, and has worked in higher education for over 17 years in a vari­ety of admissions, training, and student support roles.
Marc is actively engaged in the higher education community and has served PACRAO in many capacities including holding the honor of being the 2016 President for the Association.  Since 2009, Marc has been a regular speaker, contributor, and author for national and regional associations like AACRAO, PACRAO, ACBSP, and CAEL sharing insight on various topics including leadership, process improvement, PLA, interna­tional admissions, and articulation.
Marc holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Management degrees from the University of Phoenix, and is a candidate for a Ph.D. in Higher Education Administration.
Title and Institution
Title: Associate Provost, Strategic Initiatives and Implementation
Institution: University of Phoenix
PACRAO Board Positions Conference session presenter
  Publications Suggestions for BooksSuggestions for topics that I would like to lead

Nora McLaughlin is the Registrar at Reed College where she oversees the registrar’s office, supports the
Dean of the Faculty, and advises the College’s adjudication boards dealing with student conduct. Nora
has worked in higher education for over 40 years in a variety of registrar, admission, curriculum, and
student success areas.

Nora credits her engagement in professional associations as an essential factor in the breadth of her
experience and understanding of higher education. She has served on AACRAO’s Board of Directors and
PACRAO’s Board of Directors in different roles, including president.

Nora has made numerous presentations at professional meetings on topics including ethics in higher
education, registration innovations, Title IX and sexual misconduct, the evolving role of the registrar,
records management, and leadership in higher education. She has assisted in conference planning for
AACRAO, PACRAO, and OrACRAO and served as a facilitator in AACRAO’s collaboration to create the
Peabody Professional Institute for Senior Academic and Enrollment Services Professionals.
Nora completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at Johnston College, University of Redlands, pursued
graduate work in linguistics at California State University, Long Beach, and earned the Master of Arts
degree at Reed College.

Title and Institution
Title: Registrar
Institution: Reed College

PACRAO Board Positions
• 1988-90: Treasurer
• 1998-99: President-Elect
• 1999-2000: President
• 2000-01: Past-President

AACRAO Leadership Positions
• 1997-98: Nominations and Elections Committee
• 2003-05: Nominations and Elections Committee Vice Chair-Elect, Vice Chair
• 2006-09: Vice-President for Leadership and Management Development
• 2009-11: Task Force on Association Governance
• 2010-11: President-Elect
• 2011-12: President
• 2012-13: Past-President

Conference session presenter (sampling of topics)
• American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) Annual

Suggestions for Books
Suggestions for topics that I might like to lead___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Stephen Arod Shirreffs, Associate Registrar, at Stanford for 17 years, responsibilities include course catalog, web sites, communication broadly, and policy and technology initiatives.
Stephen has attended PACRAO annually since 2011. He has spoken at PACRAO and AACRAO on topics including online accessibility, data and course catalogs, diffusion of innovation, MOOCs, the Groningen Declaration, class meeting patterns, credentialing, and communications strategy. Stephen was a 2017 inaugural Ed Talk speaker. He gave a preconference workshop on Implementing Electronic Records at AACRAO and PACRAO in 2016-17.
Stephen holds a Ph.D. in South and Southeast Asian Studies, UC Berkeley (1998). He is an avid road cyclist, participating this year in his fifth AIDS/LifeCycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.
Title and Institution
Title: Associate Registrar, Communications and Online Publications
Institution: Stanford University
Conference session presenterPublicationsSuggestions for topics that I would like to leadSuggestions for topics that others might lead
Affiliated Faculty for the PACRAO LDI
In addition to the core four, a number of experienced and excellent colleagues have agreed to fill affiliated faculty positions for the LDI.  I am thrilled to list these exceptional seven affiliated faculty colleagues.

Tim Ebner
University Registrar
University of Utah
Nebraska ACRAO Past President

Ruth Garay
Progression and Completion Coordinator
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
PACRAO Former Diversity Development Advocate
Jana Jaraysi
Director of Recruitment
Eastern Washington University
PACRAO Former Local Arrangements Chair and PNACAC Inter-Association Committee Chair
Kristen Labrecque
Transfer Admissions Advisor and Interim Health Studies Advisor
University of Washington, Bothell
PACRAO Incoming Board Secretary
James Miller
Director of Admissions
University of Washington, Bothell
PACRAO Past President and AACRAO Student Identity Workgroup Chair
Arturo Torres
Assistant Registrar
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
PACRAO Former Diversity Development Advocate
Soraira Urquiza
Graduate Student
University of Southern California
PACRAO Former Diversity Development Advocate and AACRAO Latino/a Caucus Chair
These colleagues exemplify leadership.  Their contributions to PACRAO and other professional organizations are models within our communities.  Please look at the attached document to see their photos and summaries of their contributions (slides 8-18).  More comprehensive information for these faculty members will be distributed to the cohort. 
Curriculum for the PACRAO LDI
Much of our study together as a cohort of faculty and students will revolve around discussing and applying books and other materials that we read together. I’m excited to give you a sample of potential books, below.    

Becoming a Student-Ready College:  A New Culture of Leadership for Student Success, Tia Brown McNair, Susan Albetine, Michelle Asha Cooper, Nicole McDonald, and Thomas Major, Jr
Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehesi Coates
Hillbilly Elegy:  A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis by J.D. Vance
Managing for Outcomes, Wayne Sigler
Thinking, Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman
Whistling Vivaldi, Claude M. Steele
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria, Beverly Tatum 
Please contact me ( or James Miller (