Sessions at a Glance 2024

Sessions at a Glance

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Sunday - November 10, 2024

Pre-Conference Sessions

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Pre-Conference Workshops               
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Sunday, November 10, 9am
Leadership Development Institute
by invitation

Monday & Tuesday - November 11-12, 2024

Note: Session proposals are still being submitted and reviewed. Additional sessions will be added as they are approved. 
Session TitleSession AbstractSession Presenter(s)Institution(s)
The End of Burnout CulturePart 3 of the Burnout series! We build on concepts from the first two sessions: The characteristics of FUN & how to integrate them in the workplace. Part 3 focuses on larger organizational changes that battle burnout and how to advocate for those changes!Chelsea PeoplesUniversity of Nevada- Las Vegas
Connecting with Vendors 101Do you ever attend conferences with vendors and find yourself feeling shy and not knowing what to say? Are you new to conferences or are not the decision maker for vendors and do not know how to approach them? Learn some tips about how to connect with conference vendors.Peyton CoronasUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas
I am First and I Belong: Sense of Belonging, Financial Distress, and Persistence of First-Generation College StudentsThis presentation will provide the results of a research study conducted on belonging, financial distress, and persistence of first-generation college students. Come learn more about the relationship between these concepts and ideas on how to foster academic success for first-generation college students.Crystal GiordanoUtah State University 
Tracking Key Metrics: An Example of a University Registrar DashboardComing into a new role as the University Registrar and Director of Institutional Research, I developed a dashboard of key metrics highlighting registrar processes. The data show what we know and is useful in conveying information to the Gonzaga community on the work the office does.Maxwell KwendaGonzaga University
Registrar Roundtable DiscussionA roundtable discussion for PACRAO Registrars, Associate Registrars and Assistant Registrars. The session will be to compare best practices, discuss utilizing technology to improve processes and ask questions of your fellow colleagues. Come prepared with topics you would like to discuss and the moderator will also provide discussion pointsReid KallmanUniversity of Colorado - Boulder
Leveraging Technology to Modernize the VA Enrollment Certification ProcessThis session aims to address the critical need for efficient and effective processes for veteran's educational benefits. With a focus on enhancing accuracy, reducing processing times, and improving the overall student experience, this presentation will provide practical solutions and strategies that can help certifying officials better serve our student veterans.Christopher Rallustian
Paulette Adams
University of Hawaii at Manoa
Priority Registration Reimagined: Creating a Fair and Efficient SystemThe revamp of Cal State Fullerton's priority registration system, led by the Office of the Registrar, aimed to create an equitable and efficient process. Addressing past inequities, it now accommodates students with special circumstances, in line with legal mandates and university policies, and leverages technology for improved outcomes.Shelly HsuCalifornia State University-Fullerton
Navigating Second Chances: Best Practices and Challenges in Implementing Academic Renewal, Grade Forgiveness or GPA resetThis roundtable calls upon university leaders and policymakers to discuss Academic Renewal, Grade Forgiveness, and Second Start programs. It aims to share how these initiatives help students overcome setbacks, maintain their education journey, and balance leniency with academic integrity through diverse institutional practices.Shelly HsuCalifornia State University-Fullerton
Mid-Size College Registrar's Office RoundtableThis session will be a round table discussion regarding various topics/areas of the registrar's office. We will focus on colleges with enrollment approximately between 2000-8000 students. The intent is for attendees to share issues and solutions among the group with a narrow emphasis on mid-size colleges.Steven StubbsNorth Idaho College
Training Hacks in a Decentralized CultureThe UCLA Schedule Office has developed a training program for the 200+ campus schedulers we work with weekly. Working within a highly decentralized environment, the Schedule Office has developed training materials, videos, processes, and changed campus culture to bring everyone onto the same page.Claire McCluskeyUniversity of California-Los Angeles
Harmonizing Hustle with Health: A Holistic Approach to Work-Life BalanceExplore the unique challenges faced by individuals who juggle the demands of work and personal well-being. Learn how stress often serves as the primary barrier to health and provides practical strategies for integrating self-care into a busy schedule. Understand personal values to make discerning choices for a harmonious work/life balance.Deslie GhiorziUniversity of Phoenix
From Challenges to Success: Best Practices Supporting Military-Connected StudentsThis interactive session aims to share best practices in supporting military-connected students using VA education benefits. Learn strategies, processes, and challenges faced at our institutions. Whether in Veteran Services or any department, this session offers a valuable learning opportunity to effectively support military-connected students and their education.Karen Khuu
Andrea Siegrist-Baez
Green River College
University of Phoenix
Bridging the Generational Divide: Navigating five generations in the workplaceFor the first time in history, there are five generations in the workforce. How do generational differences affect our ability to manage people effectively? Learn to minimize conflict, retain key employees, and enhance productivity by recognizing what motivates each generation and by developing effective strategies for increasing connectedness.Lindsay StadlerPomona College
Open Your Heart: Using Story to Connect and Manage Your Career in the ProcessStorytelling shapes the way we connect to the world around us. To connect is to impact and be impacted. These impacts shape how we manage our careers and can create new opportunities. By learning the art of storytelling for connection, we can manage our careers with reflection and intention.Kristen LabrecqueUniversity of Washington Bothell
Cultivating & Curating Academic Policy to Drive Student SuccessAcademic policy can be an impactful lever for positively influencing strategically-aligned student success measures. The registrar's office is uniquely situated to move that lever through a systematic approach to cultivating new policies and curating existing policies.Joe TateUniversity of Phoenix
Employee Badges: Capturing & Conveying Registrar Skillsets for Professional DevelopmentThe term 'registrar's office' falls woefully short in conveying the breadth and depth of skills that registrar's office leaders and staff develop during their tenure. Employee badges can convey those skills to outsiders, and support employee development and engagement in the process.Joe TateUniversity of Phoenix
Building and Managing an International Education Credentials Evaluation Team in Remote and In Office EnvironmentsA discussion of strategies for building and managing an international education credentials evaluation team in both in office and remote environments.  Special attention will be paid to the challenges of training new evaluators and managing access to resources for remote workers.Beth SimpsonUniversity of Phoenix
Creating an Inclusive Onboarding Environment for Community College StudentsJoin our roundtable discussion on optimizing community college onboarding. Engage with peers to understand the importance of inclusivity, integrate support services effectively, and tailor initiatives to diverse student needs. Discover innovative approaches, such as peer mentorship and technology integration, while exploring assessment methods for continuous improvement.Gabriella Asamsama-Acuna
Michael Haydon
Ventura College
Continued Improvement and Opportunity: An Approach and Framework for Project ManagementLearn about the approach to project management from members of the Office of the Registrar at the University of Arizona! We will review the framework for project prioritization and classification and discuss how we implemented a standard approach to project management over the past 4 years.Michael Davenport
Kelly Aquina
The University of Arizona
Overwhelm, Schmoverwhelm. If Only It Was That Easy!Do you ever look at your desk and think, 'Nope!'? It might be nice if we could simply walk away from it all, but I propose that working through our challenges helps us and those around us to learn and grow.Jill Rodgers-LashUniversity of the Pacific
Have a Heart: Policy Review through an Equity LensWe frequently make decisions about the policies we write and how we interpret and implement them. In this session, we look at centering marginalized student populations during policy creation and review, explore multiple cases for infusing equity and inclusion into policy matters, share some examples, and practice using analysis tools.Kristin Benson
Erin Collins
Oregon State University
Pomona College
Policy by Design: A Policy-Led Approach for Enhancing University Graduation ProcessesJoin me on a transformative journey through the intersection of policy analysis and higher education. Guided by Bardach and Patashnik's 'A Practical Guide for Policy Analysis,' discover innovative strategies to streamline university graduation processes. Gain actionable insights to drive meaningful change, empowering student success in academia's evolving landscape.Lisa ErckUniversity of the Pacific
It's a Balancing Act - Navigating Life's Challenges Through Self-DiscoveryEmbark on a transformative journey tailored for registrars, exploring self-discovery as a key to navigating life's challenges. Join me in this hands-on workshop to delve into strategies for maintaining equilibrium amidst professional demands, fostering resilience, and aligning personal values with organizational goals.Lisa ErckUniversity of the Pacific
MAPping Stan Ford's way to Academic ChangeWith a fully launched Degree Audit system, learn how the Stanford Registrar Office staff had to MAP a curricular path of change to help Stan Ford graduate Stanford.Nicole Mendoza
Sarah Pishny-Foster
Michael Borbas
Stanford University
In Our Leadership Era: Roundtable for millennial and young professional leaders...Ready for it? This session will foster a space to collaborate, commiserate, and cheer on your fellow PACRAO millennial or young professional leaders. Facilitators will share about their own lived experience as millennials in leadership roles and will bring a few topics to help guide the discussion. Open to all.Maggie Ramirez
Omar Saucedo
The University of Arizona
University of California, San Francisco
Strategy, Organization and Consistency: Understanding Tools available for Project ManagementFrom managing small to complex projects, organization is key! Come learn about the tools, templates and techniques used at The University of Arizona that have helped keep projects on track to completion.Michael Davenport
Kelly Aquina
The University of Arizona
Supporting University Yield and Retention Efforts in the Registrar's OfficeThe registrar's office plays a critical role in the success of university yield and retention initiatives. This session will explore strategies and best practices for leveraging registrar's office resources to enhance student recruitment, enrollment, and retention outcomes. Topics covered will include data-driven decision-making, collaborative partnerships across campus departments, innovative student.Karen JohnsonUniversity of the Pacific
Professional Development: What I LearnedIs professional development impactful? What do we truly learn from it? Is it worth it? This session will explore the topic of professional development and what others in our profession have gained through their experiences.Jana JaraysiEastern Washington University
Don't Be Breaking Our Hearts:  Building & Re-building Relationships at WorkWe put our hearts into our work and into our working relationships.  Come and learn from a trio of colleagues about how we can build and re-build heart-healthy connections.  Hearty relationships support our shared sense of belonging and our shared accomplishments and let us lead with heart.Julia Pomerenk
Ruth Garay
Chris Sweet
University of Oregon
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Clackamas Community College
Lessons Learned by Heart: Professional Growth Prompted by MistakesWe may all hold in our hearts stories of mistakes we have made--or fear we are making now.  With 80+ years of combined experience, the three presenters have learned lots of lessons. Come and hear how we have been prompted to grow professionally (and personally), pushed forward by mistakes.Julia Pomerenk
Erin Mason
Josh Hibbard
University of Oregon
University of Utah
Whitworth University
Shifting Focus: Enhancing Admissions Office Efficacy and Reducing Stress through Process-Oriented GoalsThis presentation advocates for admissions offices to shift focus from new student headcount goals to operational targets. By emphasizing the completion of tasks and activities in recruitment plans, we can reduce stress and improve task management, despite the uncertainties of fluctuating enrollment numbers.Josh HibbardWhitworth University
Academic Policy Reform - A Roadmap towards Student Success and EquityJoin the University of Arizona in discussing our Academic Policy process; from prioritizing policy changes for student success and equity, creating a policy roadmap, benchmarking peers, creating simplified policy language, supporting shared governance engagement, and policy implementation.Abigail Sorg
Alex Underwood
The University of Arizona
FERPA MythbustingIn this session, experts from the The Privacy Technical Assistance Center of U.S. Department of Education’s Student Privacy Policy Office will engage with higher education professionals to address common myths and misperceptions people have about FERPA. U.S. Department of Education: Student Privacy Policy Office
CPL and CBE: Are They Siblings, Cousins, or maybe even Frenemies?With rapid change tied to how learning can be assessed and transferred this has created new challenges for the transfer community on evaluating credit for prior learning or competency-based education. Learn about the similarities and differences between these items and how to build processes to support evaluations on campus.Marc BookerUniversity of Phoenix
The Heart of Leadership: Lessons from LDIThis session will incorporate emerging and established perspectives from across PACRAO.  We will feature LDI 2024 cohort members to share how they are synthesizing and applying leadership skills in the program.  Key topics will include diversity, team development, having hard conversations, leading change and understanding team strengths.Audra McQuarie
Cori Horne
University of Phoenix
Weber State University
See and Serve the One Percent: Indigenous Visibility and Growth in Higher EducationOne-size-fits-all recruitment and enrollment tactics prove unsuccessful for most indigenous students. Without tending to their spiritual and social needs, native students' sense of belonging never takes root. How can we move beyond the historical displacement of indigenous people to build indigenous futures mindful of the harms of colonialization?Nikol RoubidouxPacific University
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